Julia Noa Fischer

“Fragile blizzards show me their dance how they dance…”

On the music of Julia Noa Fischer

"Julia Noa Fischer seems to draw her melodies, texts and harmonies from the depths of her being and then gives them form with great sensibility. The result is music of poetic clarity and poignancy. Her music is as strong as silk. The compositions of Julia Noa Fischer shine like a delicate musical web made of stars and silk thread." (Tatjana Gregor)

"Julia’s compositions show a musical universe that orbits around voice and piano. Through her music she creates an intimacy that is uncompromised - a poetry of music and text, whose single-mindedness is its strength. Fischer dismantles the traditional structures of the classic pop song; her voice is clear, the tone of her piano impressionist. “Silent” is ambitious and in its challenge, unobtrusive and quiet." (Reinhard Winkler)